Obama Declared "Tobacco Free"

U.S. President Barack Obama said in good health and "no smoking", according to results of medical examination which was announced in Washington last Monday (10/31/2011).

In a two-page report released by the White House, Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman also said, Obama is still physically active, eating healthy foods, have a healthy weight, and beverages containing alcohol drink occasionally of reasonable size.

"The president of the state of good health and ready to perform the task. All clinical data indicate that conditions persist during his tenure," wrote Kuhlman.

Obama's health conditions, aged 50 in August, seems better than ever since the results of previous examinations are also conducted by Kuhlman in February 2010.

At that time, Kuhlman said, Obama should stick to "efforts to stop smoking" and crawl cholesterol comes closest to limits. Therefore, it must be on a diet if necessary.

After examination in 2010, Obama does not seem to stop smoking. His wife, Michelle, called a success and to express to the public some time ago. Now, the stated ideal cholesterol.

Obama cholesterol level is 193 now, while in February 2010 and 209. While the LDL or bad cholesterol is now only 110, down from a 138 years ago.

Obama, who has a height of 185 centimeters and weighs 82 pounds is known as a very active in sports, especially basketball and golf, in addition to other fitness exercises.

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