People must Fat Unhealthy?

​Too fat weight during obesity is indeed synonymous with various diseases. However, not all people who are overweight definitely not healthy. A recent study showed obese people can also be classified into healthy people.

Study of 8000 Americans found people who are obese (body mass index above 30) also can be free of health problems.

Body mass index (BMI) was determined by calculating the ratio between weight and height. In Indonesia, the value of BMI above 25 are classified as obese at level 1. Yet experts say that the BMI does not always correlate with health.

So, how can being overweight but still healthy? Genetic factors, like lifestyle, including diet and fitness levels, play an important role in whether someone is overweight are at risk of suffering from chronic diseases due to excess weight.

In other words, do not only assess whether a person of healthy weight. See also the whole body condition and lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle, regardless of your weight, is the best way to prevent disease.

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